From the recording Mojo Suicide


After shipwrecked off the Florida sand
De Vaca wandered through uncharted land
Upon rescue he told the Viceroy of gold
So the Viceroy sent the friar up to New Mexico

Hitchin' to Quivira

Well the Friar confirmed what De Vaca described
In the dusty hills outside the Zuni tribe
So the Viceroy put Coronado and his troops out to work
But instead of wealth and riches came this dude named, "The Turk"

Hitchin' to Quivira

Now this native known as Turk had many stories
Of sparkling golden cups hanging from apple trees
He said he'd be their guide, said he'd show them the way
So the Spaniards and the Turk marched for thirty days

Until they found land with supposed spoils
Near Wichita, now on Kansas soil
But there ain't no gold in this song being sung
So they all went back home and the Turk? ...the Turk, he got hung

Hitchin' to Quivira
Hitchin' to Quivira
Hitchin' to Quivira
Hitchin' to Quivira