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"If there's one thing we love, it's a rock anthem we can jam out to. The gritty and raw performance from Tyler Jakes is JUST what you need."
--Gas Mask Magazine


"Jakes’ experiences portrayed through his music broadened my horizons to an infinite degree. His music instills a hunger for experience, knowledge, and appreciation."
--Nicholas Davis (It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine)

"Tyler Jakes is an astonishingly accomplished musician who revels not so much in virtuoso self-indulgence as in writing tunes which resonate heart and soul with the listener."
--Sonic Abuse

"Jakes is intent on laying down some truly dirty rock and roll. The end result evokes T. Rexs’ mellow glaze crossed with Sergio Leone soundtrack/gypsy punk miscegenation."
--Pulse of the Twin Cities

"Jakes seems to truly appreciate the crowds that come out and puts on a show fit for thousands."
--SF Bay Area Rock

"Jakes continues to push the boundaries of sound and genre creating unique and interesting fusions of music."
-- The Music Cycle


" Woody Guthrie put through a 'Terminator' disco lounge." - Steve April


"Tyler Jakes is what every pretentious, contrived musician/group 'these days' is trying to be." - Jack Luna (Dark Topic)


"This is one of those guys that I hear and think, 'Why haven’t I heard of him before?' His songwriting skills are very, very good for an unsigned artist."
--The Audio Nut


"Jakes displays great range and talent as a song writer. His words spill out like a ray of amped beatnik stream of consciousness. In fact, it seems like spontaneous artistic bloodletting."
--Rift Magazine