From the recording Dissolution


Young love in the summer air
Like seeing stars for the first time
I could be lost, could be anywhere
I blackout off her anodyne
The water burns, but I let it run
I don't know why, it doesn't feel very good
My self-control went out the door
With the one I knew before we had grown
Now we're all alone

Jesus me, I might, I may
I'll save it for a rainy day
Must have been something we did
Or something we did not say
I still can't fall asleep at night
Burgundy by candlelight
I call dead friends inside my extinct phone
Now we're all alone

Yeah, day-trip pup tent residents
Pouty lips of transcendence
Woodchips split I pet the pet
You know someone got to lose that bet
Passive mock hostility
If I let you win, would you let me be?
We gave up all our flesh and broken bones
And now we're all alone