1. Cattle Clysm

From the recording Burning Down The Underground


It’s a moonshine wisdom washed on the fang of an alley cat
A black-eyed prism, a seminal rat-a-tat
Ham hocks and gravy, I’m a daredevil straddling the floor
Call me crazy, but I ain’t picking up no more

It’s a stockcar burnout, see ‘em flight night owl down the track
Fluorescent heat lamp, hippies out on attack
Midnight potion, ante meridiem got your mind
Roll up that cow-stache and watch it go double time
Look out...

I’m in the palace of wigwam writing bad checks on parchment scrolls
Garlic and bad dreams stuffed in the dinner rolls
It tastes like we ate less, some rich young bitch out bid the bar
She ain’t no waitress, she’s a motherfuckin’ movie star