1. Bohemia

From the recording Rocking Hoarse Calypso


I put a token in the bloodstream, I'm gonna float until dawn
Well it might not be a smooth ride, but it's the ride that I'm on
I run addiction in the rearview, it's always winking at me
I'd give anything to hear you, but that's the way that it be

Well now they took me to the psyche ward, said diagnose this little cunt I've got a temporary permit to be insane as I want
So I loaded up on Thorazine and I found some new friends We're all paddling to Bohemia where the fun never ends (never ends)

So I crawled into bed, hit my head against the crack in the wall
Then something in me said it was then I was dead to it all I've got a catwalk clubber, she's a real motherfucker to pack
But if we're going to Bohemia, we ain't coming back