From the recording Rocking Hoarse Calypso


Feel the nasty sunlight
Scrape the ceiling every night
Collar length, he’s got the groove
Alcoholic housewife on the move
You can’t stop my ugly thoughts
And when I’m alone I think a lot
Who’s to know if I get lost?
Frightening death, its fun to plot
Lover’s lane I drove on by
I missed the fucking turn I realized
Had to shrug, I didn’t mind
I am not a socialite
Cuddly couple in my dream
Quarterback and homecoming queen
Hi y’all, how do you do?
Fuck you
And fuck you too

I’m saving planets, starting wars
Picking up garbage on casino floors
When I rock a mic they moan for more
...then I’m out the door
Peel and win underneath the table
I’ll fuck up Cain, make you Abel
I don’t want money, I don’t need a label
Keep your 40 horses inside the stable
Eating Emo-Corn Doritos
Sucking like a tick dressed incognito
Pumping in the suburbs from your Bentley pre-owned
Make me upchuck Chef Boy-R-Dee
No bitch is taking half, take the polygraph
Jokes are pretty funny when you pay the crowd to laugh
Stroke ‘em till your balls turn baby blue
Fuck you
And fuck you too