From the recording Rocking Hoarse Calypso


I got old, tired and cold, dancing with a chimney sweep
Waiting outside for his Ukraine bride, I was counting pharmaceutical sheep
The devil’s gonna come with a pen for a thumb
A saw-toothed grin and a bottle of rum
Saying sign on the line behind the door
There’s a drive-thru shrine, I can’t take anymore

Standing underneath an auburn wreath with oil leaking out of my head
I’ve got a gun in my pocket, I’m ready to cock it and paint your canopies red
Everybody relapsed when the tents collapsed
The opiate's an angel when she’s time elapsed
Bleeding to the core with four on the floor
I’d really like to stay, but I can’t take anymore

There’s a grandfather clock just up the block, he was paying for some merchandise
He forgot about the tax on a bucket of wax and a case of magic beans and rice
All the demigods applaud for the lightning rod
That burnt him to the ground traveling abroad
I don’t need to read your rules of war
Sell me some peace, ‘cause I can’t take anymore

The headline said everybody’s dead in a candlelight killing spree
The queen took pawn just before the dawn, all the bums got a show for free
There’s a penny in the hat, whatcha think about that?
If they find my mind, let me know where it’s at
I’m late for my date with the valley whore
She’d do it all night, but I can’t take anymore

The blue’s so blue when the day is through and nothing lasts for awhile
I take off my coat on a cinnamon boat, I’m sailing down a vinaigrette isle
The people don’t care if I go anywhere
I can be over here, I can be over there
I know it’s just a dream, ‘cause I’ve seen it before
I’d see it again, but I can’t take anymore

No anymore